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ChildStory Reporter Community provides support, resources and the MRG to assist NSW mandatory reporters in responding to child protection concerns.
The NSW Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG) is a Structured Decision Making (®SDM) tool intended to complement mandatory reporters' professional judgment
14 Dec 2010 This New South Wales Mandatory Reporter Guide represents the contribution of many individuals, whose efforts to develop, review and refine
18 Oct 2016 The Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG) just got a whole lot easier to use. The MRG supports mandatory reporters in NSW if they have concerns
From 24 January 2010, mandatory reporters are encouraged to use the Mandatory Reporter Guide, to guide their decision making and determine whether or not

This Guide is intended to assist mandatory reporters who have become concerned about possible abuse or neglect of a child or young person and must make a
To start the MRG, select the main decision tree that most closely matches the concern you have. If you have more than one concern, start with your most serious
NOTE: You may consult with your Child Wellbeing Unit (CWU), if you have access to one, at any time during completion of a decision tree. Step 1. From the
The Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG) supports mandatory reporters in NSW to: determine whether a report to the Child Protection Helpline is needed for